Baby Shower Ideas Cape Town


Baby Shower Ideas Cape Town, On Weekend, Robyn and I attended the royal baby bath from the year in honor of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. The morning which consisted of nothing but pure luxury was managed by skin care company – Mama Mio at the Langaro Lifestyle Facilities in Camps Bay, which often might I add was absolutely breathtaking. From typically the moment we arrived at Langaro we felt essential and glamorous. I attempted to dress up a new little for the occasion. It may be becoming increasingly challenging to squash into things these days, however , this is exactly what I wore for the royal affair:
Myself, Robyn and 15 other lifestyle or beauty bloggers were approached by the lovely The female Mio team and just about all the friendly staff from Langaro. and handed a glass of champagne and orange juice and formally welcomed to the Royal morning of spoilage ahead of us. The perfect method to spend a cold and wet morning within the mommy city.

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