Birthday Party Invitations


Birthday Party Invitations. The twin sons recently obtained an invitation to a classmate's 5th birthday party. The request contained all of the pertinent info: date, place and period. A few days later, parents associated with invited guests received the phone call with an additional fine detail: the store where the birthday child was registered. Registered? For any birthday party? Though we were almost all horrified, this family's option to allow their child to register with regard to gifts is apparently no isolated incident. Upon bridging the.

Chicago filmmaker Sophie Cone begins filming their latest indie “Henry Gamble's Birthday Party” this month. Film production company takes place over the course of a 17-year-old's birthday party - a suv pool party, no less -- and tackles all those excellent coming-of-age signposts. This is suitable for farming territory for Cone, in whose previous films “The Sensible Kids” (2011) and “Black Box” (2013) are wryly observant, quietly funny pictures of young adulthood, interpersonal anxieties and...

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