Pirate Baby Shower Invitations


Pirate Baby Shower Invitations, When deciding on what type of invitation you want to send out there are lots of unique ideas to use with this theme. Send out a 'message in a bottle' invite utilizing a real bottle or which makes it out of paper. Other way of doing something is making it look like a treasure chart, a paper sailboat, a pair of handcuffs or a lifesaver.

Pirate Baby Shower Invitations, Find adorable trinkets that you can hot stuff onto the invitation to really make it even cuter. Next thing to consider are the supplies you will need to the baby shower. Make sure the glasses, plates, napkins, cake home decor, are all matching nautical colours like blue, red and white or any other color that compliments typically the shower's decor. For a sweet party favor, consider small sailboats filled with lifesavers chocolate.

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