new year party invitation wording


new year party invitation wording Throwing a New Year's Eve affair can be a bang - but the fun doesn't accept to stop afterwards January 1st. How about hosting a Chinese New Year affair too? It's a abundant way to get your acquaintance calm afresh and bless the New Year, but with a little Asian flare.
Chinese New Year starts this Monday, January 23rd and runs until February 6th. This makes the date for a Chinese New Year brawl actual flexible...and if you are of the "party hard" mindset (like me), you can absolutely prolong your anniversary and about-face it into a assorted day event!
It is a accepted Chinese attitude for humans to accord anniversary added adorning red envelopes, alleged Hong Bao, abounding with money. These envelopes betoken the giver's intentions of acceptable luck for the recipient. They are even anticipation to area off angry spirits.

You can repurpose the Hong Bao envelopes as invitations for your event. Hong Bao envelopes are usually begin at your bounded Asian bazaar during this time of year. To accomplish your invites angle out even more, you can cover a brittle dollar bill central as a nice abruptness for your arrive guests. But accomplish abiding to use alone crisp, new money as beat out money is not acceptable luck.

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