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groundbreaking invitation The World Pride & Power Organization will host the Aboriginal Annual World Pride & Power Appointment in an accomplishment to advance unity, empowerment and inclusivity in SGLBT communities of African coast and their allies. Why should you attend? You should appear if you are a getting of color, an activist, a poet, a writer, a politician, or an entrepreneur. You should appear if you are astute ancient or a youth. You should appear if you are gluttonous inclusivity and absent to affix and collective with your own kind.
I had the complete advantage to allege with one of the Founders of the Conference. Ifalade Tashia Asanti! Tashia Asanti is an award-winning activist, journalist, fiction writer, filmmaker, artist and accomplished Yoruba/Ifa priestess. Tashia is the columnist of two acknowledged books, The Sacred Door: A Spiritual Guide to Power Living and The Seer: Legacy of Stone and Spirit.
One of my centermost passions is African history (pre-slavery) and African spirituality. I accept founded a Yoruba temple in Denver, the aboriginal Ifa temple in the State of Colorado. Our associates has broadcast to several states. We hosted an all-embracing appointment in 2003. The healing plan of my temple brings me impossible joy. Another of my passions is getting a grandmother. I'm adored to accept grandchildren at a adolescent age and accordingly my accomplice and I get to do lots of fun activities with our three grandsons. This too is a part of the greatest pleasures in my life.I am aswell alive on the aftereffect to my aboriginal atypical and I am still touring with and announcement my aboriginal novel, The Seer. I am aswell alive on the blur adjustment to The Seer...

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