Pocket Wedding Invitations


Pocket Wedding Invitations. Knowing that many guests toss out their invite makes it difficult to justify the cost of luxurious invitations. With the resources available, its possible for making your own impressive invitations for any lot le$$. I was brief on time, so I opted to buy pre-made pocket folds. The remainder was all DIY.

To develop the monogram, I employed Microsoft Publisher (PowerPoint may be used, its very similar). *Note: Other programs can be used, I am most familiar with these two. When the design was completed, I had formed the monograms printed in the card stock (color bubbly, metallic) by a local print/copy center. My home inkjet printer didn't print well around the metallic paper. To save some a lot of headache, I elected to have the print/copy center plants the monograms per our specifications/crop marks (2" square). I added a 2-1/4" mat (color chocolate brown) behind the monogram to really make it stand-out more. Use E6000 craft glue to attach the little swarovski crystal to the monogram for a little sparkle. After that glue the monogram for the mat using the roll-on strapping adhesive.

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