Vintage Modern Wedding Invitations


Vintage Modern Wedding Invitations. Our themed wedding invitations and stationery have been showcased in all the national wedding mags, as well as international wedding as well as fine printing blogs.

Ooh, baby, do I ever really like woodgrain, and it’s better still when said woodgrain is available in the form of real wood, as the case with these absolutely beautiful wooden wedding invites from The Papers Paramour. Choose from full color folksy florals (above) and a range of mid-century modern and also vintage-inspired designs printed in real, sustainably harvested birch and cherry wood with regard to wedding invitations that will not be quickly forgotten by any of your asked guests.
As important as a wedding could be so are its invitations, they have to comunicate immediately the nature and personality of the few and the celebration that is going to take place. Thats why We have hand picked 34 of the very most innovative weddings invitatios I discovered at etsy.

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