Vistaprint Wedding Invitations


Vistaprint Wedding Invitations. Overall, I am happy with these people. I assumed they would become thin and planned for you to mount them to some other inventory. I also assumed the envelopes would be junk and I would need to order some other ones. Our only beef is that I truly want the "rack card" sized ones in the bed linen paper, but they do not offer you that. When it comes time to place "the" order, I might get the 6x9 ones and cut those to the "rack card" dimension myself before mounting them how to cardstock.

Some place on the bag site will be a link this says “Sizing Guide. ” You will need to know what they recommend for your invite size and size your inserts needs to be to fit inside the pocket. Evaluate that to the VP record sizes so that you know what will certainly fit or how much you will have to trim off.

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